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Spinal Injuries 

Injuries to the spine may range from minor inconveniences to life-threatening and paralyzing outcomes. At Coughlan & Vinel we have handled hundreds of spinal injury cases. We feel that understanding the complexities of spinal medicine, along with understanding exactly how the injury affects our client’s life are the two most important aspects of presenting a spinal injury case. We try to aid our spinal injury clients not only in obtaining full compensation for their injuries but also helping them to recover as best as possible, while helping them find the resources they need.


Types of Spinal Injuries

· Injuries to the Spinal Cord – May cause partial or complete paralysis

· Injuries to the Intervertebral Discs – Hernation, Rupture or Collapse

· Nerve Damage

· Sprains, Strains and Spasms

How do Spinal Injuries Occur?

· Traffic Accidents

· Slip/Trip and Fall

· Assaults

· Falling Objects

· Medical Malpractice

· Amusement park accidents

· Sports Injuries


Potential medical needs for those with spinal injuries?

· Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

· Medication

· Surgery

· Occupational Therapy

· Changes to home

· Assistive devices


What types of Damages might you be entitled to?


· Medical Bills – You are entitled to compensation for both your past and expected future medical care, including some listed in the section above. Understanding your future medical needs is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that you are fully compensated for your injuries.

· Loss of Earnings – You are entitled to compensation for time you have missed from work and for time you will miss from work in the future. Additionally, you are entitled to compensated for your loss of earning potential in the future if any of your injuries may inhibit you from advancing in your profession.

· Pain, Suffering and Emotional Distress – You are entitled to be compensated for the physical pain, suffering, humiliation, inconvenience, anxiety, disfigurement and emotional distress caused by the collision.

· Property Damage

· Wrongful Death

What to do if you have an injury to your spine?

If you believe you have a serious injury to your spine, first seek emergency medical care. Medical professionals are in the best position to assess your acute needs. Second, do your best to document how the injury occurred by taking photographs, getting contact information from witnesses, and if at a business, asking them to document the incident. Finally, contact an experienced spinal injury lawyer. 

At Coughlan & Vinel, we have extensive experience with spinal injury survivors. We approach each of our cases with compassion toward the survivors and family members. We have a small caseload so that we can give each case the special attention, passion and care that we would expect for our own family members.

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