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Premises Liability / Slip and Falls

Property owners have an obligation to protect tenants, guests, an visitors from dangerous condition on their property. It does not matter if the property is a privately owned home, a retail store, a restaurant, owners and operators of property must protect people who come onto their premises. 


Conditions that may give rise to liability for property owners and operators include:

  • Dangerous staircases;

  • Rotted wood structures including decks, stairs or balconies;

  • Windows that are too low or not protected;

  • Falling objects;

  • Wet or slippery floors;

  • Trip hazards;

  • Insufficient lighting;

  • Malfunctioning gates and garage doors;

  • Faulty or dangerous railings

In order to prevail in a premises liability case, you must prove:

1) that the defendant owned, leased, occupied or controlled the property,

2) that the defendant was negligent in the use or maintenance of the property,

3) that the victim was injured and

4) that the dangerous condition is what caused the injury. 

What you may be entitled to if are injured on someone’s property:

When you are the victim of a dangerous condition on a property are entitled to compensation if you are injured. All the following are types of compensation which may be available to you with the help of an experienced attorney:

  • Medical Bills – You are entitled to compensation for both your past and expected future medical care. Understanding your future medical needs is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that you are fully compensated for your injuries.

  • Loss of Earnings – You are entitled to compensation for time you have missed from work and for time you will miss from work in the future. Additionally, you are entitled to compensated for your loss of earning potential in the future if any of your injuries may inhibit you from advancing in your profession. 

  • Pain, Suffering and Emotional Distress – You are entitled to be compensated for the physical pain, suffering, humiliation, inconvenience, anxiety, disfigurement and emotional distress caused by the dangerous condition.

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