Case Results

Over the past decade Ben Coughlan and Kacie Vinel have handled some of the biggest cases in the state. Below is a sampling of some of their results.


Pedestrian Auto Collision / Brain Injury


Slip and Fall/Brain Injury


Motorcycle collision/Wrongful Death


Slip and Fall/Leg Injury


Truck collision/Pediatric mTBI 


Horse Accident/Brain Injury


Medical Malpractice/Brain Injury


Jury Verdict: Car Accident/Neck Injury


Construction Accident/Neck Injury


Car Accident/Neck and Back Injury


Ride Share Accident/ Neck and Head Injury


Car versus Bicycle Collision /Brain  Injury


Ride share accident/Brain Injury


Commercial Truck Collision/Brain Injury


Ride share accident/Brain Injury


Auto Accident/ Spinal Injury and Concussion