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When Ben Coughlan and Kacie Vinel decided to start this firm, they were motivated by a unified goal: bringing compassion to the practice of law and focusing on the most important part of any case - the people. 

Family is the cornerstone of Ben and Kacie’s lives – family is their support system, their inspiration, and their guiding light. It’s also something they carry with them when doing their jobs in fighting for clients. They understand that each client is not only their own person, but also someone else’s spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, child. Ben and Kacie strive to give each client the same level of attention, passion and care that they would give to their own family members.

This means taking on challenges that others might not. This means going the extra mile to make sense of complexities that seem insurmountable. This means fiercely advocating for those who cannot do so for themselves. 

In their experience, treating clients this way – taking an approach of being humans first, lawyers second, and seeing people first, clients second – has led to the best results. They thrive on achieving more for their clients than just good results in their case. They seek positive change in their clients’ lives as whole.

Thus, when you are choosing Coughlan & Vinel, you are choosing to become a part of their family. 

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